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Memorable wedding


Add charm to your special day with dignity and harmony. We will make your ceremony a once in a lifetime experience that you can share with your guests and your beloved ones. Weddings Across will be pleased to assist you or to make arrangements with our preferred locations and themes. For many, a wedding is a status symbol, and families often save for decades to host a big fat one. Now, the wedding has hit the road as families try to outdo each other in far-flung locales like Rajasthan, Dubai, Thailand, Macau, France, Greece etc. We are proud of the level of service and choice of wedding venues we are able to offer here. So you can pick your choice from:

Theme Weddings like flower weddings, fairytale weddings, historical weddings and many other themes of your choice.

Destination Weddings Want to give an exotic curl to your special day, destination weddings are the apt choice that make your wedding into a memorable vacation for you and your guests. So, tie your nuptial knot within the finest destinations for celebrations.

We offer varied destinations such as: Rajasthan, Goa, Thailand, Macau, Bali and lot more of your choice.

Beach Weddings Prism of sunset dipping below the horizon; the dawning rays shining over the water of the rising sun in the morning; they all create their own beautiful auras, mesmerizing many of us as we watch. And, the water stretching out before us is enlivening. No wonder beach theme weddings are so popular.

Indian Weddings– A country of countless unforgettable sights and sounds, landmarks and legends – Dreaming of a conventional Indian wedding, Hindu Wedding, Bengali wedding , Punjabi wedding, Christian wedding, Gujarati wedding, we can help you to turn your dream wedding into a reality.

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